VRPC in the dunes of Zandvoort

On the 20th of February the Virtual Racing Porsche Cup (VRPC) visited the Netherlands on the Circuit Park Zandvoort (National Course) with its second round.

Unfortunately, two drivers of RacingCommunity.de were not able to race. Alexander Wacks had a special training for firefighters, and Christopher could not race due to illness.


Dennis Andlauer finished both races in P8. Ludwig Gemmer in P19 in Race 1 and P28 in Race 2. Hans-Bodo Kohl in P23 in Race 1 and P21 in Race 2.

Read here what the drivers thought about their races.

Dennis, your first qualifying lap was really good and saved your P6. Was it a mistake to not change the tires for the second run like some other drivers did?


Yes, indeed. It was a mistake on my part. I thought one lap more without any other car in the front of me I could find the one or another tenth. But it didn’t worked out and I had no more laps for another try with new tires.


Are you happy with your race results?


Yes, I think I can be happy with P8 in both races.


What do you think about your races?


Well, my pace was really well. But my starts wasn’t. In race 1 I lost two positions at the start. It was irritating because I could faster as the guy in front of me but I couldn’t find a possibility to overtook him. In race 2 my start was worse like in race 1. I lost three places and I had to defend from starting the race until the end. It was really hard to stand the pressure from the guys behind me.


What is your plan for the next race?


Definitely I need some practice for the standing start. Top 10 is my goal for the races too.


Bodo, how was your race? Tell us about your qualifying and the races.


My qualifying was really bad. Had some troubles to find my rhythm. In the end I wasn't able to set a good lap time. In race one I made a big mistake while overtaking Marc. I crossed his line while he was still there and so i spun and lost about 10 places. Afterwards it was a boring race til the end. The second one started quite good. Had a nice start and was able to fight with the guys in front of me. The only problem we all had was the track itself because there aren't any spots for overtaking without risking your own and the opponents races. So I tried to follow them and waited for a mistake. When couple of laps were done Ludwig made the mistake but he spun to the inside when trying to accelerate from the hairpin and pushed marc intoy car. After sorting everything again I was pushed and turned around the next corner. I really don't know how you can drive a line without respecting the opponent. As conclusion the training for the race itself made a lot of fun and I was able to improve quite a lot but then it turned out I had a bad day on the raceday so everything went wrong. My plan for next race is keeping the pace and practice up high to try to finish in the top 10.


Ludwig, how was your race?


My qualification was fine. I actually hoped to find something further up in the field. However, my lap was only enough for P28 and was thus quite far behind in the starting field. Race 1 went well. I was able to make up quite a few positions at the start. Through a few accidents, I came to the end of the race until I reached the 19th position. Race 2 was not going that well anymore. I started from P19. Thus I had the external starting place. However, lost some positions at the start and had to fight forward. But I did not really succeed. I had some mistakes in my laps and two accidents and crossed the finish line to P28. I'm not satisfied with that but it can only get better. Yes, what was good? There were some nice and fair duels. There were less opportunities to overtake and you had to get along well with your opponent that you could attack. However, I was very happy about P19 in race 1. Race 2 just did not go according to my ideas. As I said, I lost some positions and could not defend my starting position. Then my own driving mistakes and two accidents and thus race 2 for me actually went. In addition, I did not have enough training and tried to make the best of it. I am now focusing on Cota. A little more training and then we hope that everything will take its course and I can position myself a bit further up the line. The field is close together. Therefore, good tackles are always included. See you in America!


Thank you guys for your time and good luck for your next race in COTA on 6th of March.


Re-Live Broadcast

Dennis Andlauer

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