Nervousness and Misfortune

On the 6th of February 2018 the 3rd Season of the Virtual Racing Porsche Cup (VRPC) had the opening round on the legendary Nürburgring (BES/WEC Layout). But previously the drivers had to prove themselves in a Pre-Qualification because of too many registrations. The 35 fastest drivers became the permission to start in Grid 1, the rest of the total 63 drivers had to start in Grid 2.

The Misfortune for RacingCommunity.de already started on monday evening, in the last Pre-Qualification session. Dennis Andlauer finished the session with a 1:58,958 on P12, closely followed by Hans-Bodo Kohl on P13 with a 1:58,961. Alexander Wacks ended up on P28 with a 1:59,524, Christopher Ennsgraber on P30 with a 1:59,648. But Ludwig Gemmer was 1 goddam thousandth of a second too slow for the last starting grid of Grid 1. His lap (1:59,877) was at the same time as the lap of “Project Racing” driver Tobias Jacken, but Ludwig set his lap time after Tobias, so the last starting grid of Grid 1 was awarded to Tobias.


On race day the track temperature was about 22°C colder than in Pre-Qualification, so the drivers used the one hour practice to the fullest to get comfortable with the new conditions.

Dennis Andlauer performed well in the Open Qualifying session. He had no traffic in his lap and qualified his Porsche 9th, even in front of “Team Heusinkveld” driver Lennart Hartenberg.

Hans-Bodo Kohl finished 18th in Qualifying, Alexander Wacks started from P26 into the race.

Christopher Ennsgraber had no luck in Qualifying. He finished the session on P32, in front of RacingCommunity.de Guest Driver Dennis Arras-Fabry.


Ludwig Gemmer showed in Grid 2 that he has the pace, and started the race out of row two, from P4.

Race 1

The first race went pretty well, and it speaks for themselves that all Porsche’s of Grid 1 saw the checkered flag.

Dennis Andlauer had to give away his position right at the start, and dropped back to P10, but secured this position until the finish line. It seemed that Hans-Bodo Kohl feeled well on his P18 too, because he drove on his starting position over the finish line.

But being so far back doesn’t pleased Dennis Arras-Fabry, so he finished in the middle of the field on P19. With this he also secured extra points, because with 14 positions gained he was the “Highest Climber”.

Christopher Ennsgraber (P29) was just able to gain three positions. This does not correspond to his opportunities, but reflects the hard competition, that also caused damage on his car. Quite similar to Alexander Wacks, but he even loosed positions, and finished on P33.


Ludwig Gemmer get off to a dream start in Grid 2, catched already two opponents at the start, and drove on P2 through the first corner. In front of him was Denis Rapkiewicz. Both drivers could pull away from the rest of the field, but a duel failed to appear.

Race 2

Due to the Inverted Top 10 Regulation Dennis Andlauer had to start from pole position into the second race. This time Dennis had a better start and wasn’t overtaken directly. But it seemed that there was a problem with the brakes in turn one, Dennis had to go very wide. As a result of this he dropped back to P6. In Turn 5 he had to avoid a spinning opponent, but the car behind him couldn’t avoid Dennis and so he crashed into him. So it was a race to catch up instead of defending. Unfortunately this was over in the end of lap 4. Dennis drove into the back of the driver in front, spun, and Hans-Bodo had no chance to react, so he crashed into the side of Dennis. The car of Dennis had too much damage, he had retire. Hans-Bodo was able to continue with a minorly damaged front, but had no pace to catch up.


The second race was tough and had no positive end for the drivers of RacingCommunity.de.

Christopher Ennsgraber finished even best on P21. Alexander Wacks on P24, Hand-Bodo Kohl P26. On P30 Dennis Arras-Fabry, he had also a collision early in the race. Dennis Andlauer was on P31 in the end.


Ludwig Gemmer startet due to the inverted Top 10 on P9 in Grid 2. There were various collisions at the start, that Ludwig couldn’t avoid entirely, so he had also a slightly damaged car. Nevertheless he was able to finish on P2 with a decent lead. Denis Rapkiewicz won again. Both proved that Grid 2 is no place for them, so we should see them in Grid 1 next round in Zandvoort.



Do you feel comfortable with yourself after the first two races on Nürburgring Ludwig?


All in all a good season opener with a podium in the end. I’m looking forward to the next races.



What happened in the first race Alexander?


Just mistakes and misfortune, not my race.. than the accident with Faetkenheuer in the end and P33.


Race two started pretty good, what happened then?


Yes, race two was better, but as i was on P15 i wanted too much and pushed too hard, so i made mistakes again and finished on P24 i think.



In your race Christopher everything a race driver doesn’t want to happen happened, or how do you see it?


Turbulent from start to finish... I’m not satisfied with my race. Many incidents (which are not my fault) happened and took me out. Demolition Derby is the best name for this…



We expected more from you. How do you rate your races?


I would describe it as carefully and constantly bad in race one. In Race two I was too silly to start from the pit lane, and then the misfortune continued until the end.



Dennis, race one, happy?


More or less..


What happened in race two, especially at the start?


I was a nervous wreck. Furthermore i forgot to move my brake balance for the start and turn one. So it happened what had to happen. My braking point was normal, but it oversteered so i had to step back from the brakes, so I went too wide. Turn five was just misfortune, no one’s fault.


And how do you describe the accident that ended up your race?


I drove into his back, my fault. I don’t know why he stepped back onto the brakes, I had to view a replay to evaluate this.


All drivers agree about one point. Quote by Alexander Wacks: “Better/Different for the next race and then try it a bit calmer.”


Well, then good luck!

Next race is on February 20th in Zandvoort (National Layout).

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