RacingCommunity.de wins the V-TEC 2.4h Series

RacingCommunity.de carried off the class victory in GTLM, in front of Cruise Control Motorsport, in the second season of the V-TEC 2.4h Series.

The V-TEC 2.4h Series is an IMSA-based championship, with originally planned 13 season races. But Race Control decided to end the championship after round eight, because the grid shaped up to primarily GTLM cars, and only very occasionally cars from the DP or GTD class.

Nevertheless the twelve remaining teams had some impressive battles in the last races to claim the victory in GTLM. In the conclusion of the final round eight in Monza RacingCommunity.de Fire was able to make the GTLM championship clear. They ended their season impressive with their first and only win of the season.

The champion’s car was driven by Dennis Andlauer and Nils Hundehege. Both produced constant finishes on or around the podium in every race of the season, except the race in Watkins Glen, which ended on P19. But both drivers are not to blame for this result. Halfway through the race they led the race, when suddenly their rivals on P2 crashed them into the wall.

All other races went similar. Nils abided one’s time and then Dennis attacked in the last two stints. And the result was, quite often, a podium finish. RacingCommunity.de Fire wasn’t the fastest car in the GTLM grid, but due to tactical cleverness and flawless driving they were able to get involved at the top.

Due to lack of pace Nils Hundehege passed on to start in the final race in Monza, so Marcus Wohlmuth substituted him. Marcus satisfied the expectations and finished Qualifying on P3. Already at the start Marcus attacked Team Reverend Racing on P2 in the first chicane successfully. He also contained a counterattack by them in the second chicane.

The race was led by AVA Simsport until they spun due to personal negligence. Marcus overtook them easily and took the lead. He defended this lead until the driver change.

Dennis Andlauer took over the car, but had now a three seconds deficit on Reverend Racing. But Dennis had an advantage. In contrast to them he changed tires in the pit lane.

Due to a minor driver error Dennis lost ten seconds to the leader, but at the end of his first stint he had narrowed the gap upto seven seconds.

Halfway through the final stint the tires of the leading Reverend Racing Ford GTE were wasted. Due to an oversteer Dennis catched up again to the back of the Ford. Dennis was able to build up pressure, the car felt very good on the track in Monza.

Reverend Racing wasn’t able to stand the pressure, and spun out of the first chicane. Now Dennis led the race and drove the victory safely through the finish.

The victory in Monza was also the championship victory in the GTLM class.

But even the second car of RacingCommunity.de, Team Water, doesn’t deceived hopes. Marco Schäfer ended up fourth in the championship. Unfortunately he missed P3 by two points and P2 by three points. This shows how intense and close the V-TEC 2.4h Series was.

A big thanks from our team to Stefan Schlacher and his crew for this simple but very well organised championship!


The end of this season is the temporary end of the 2.4h Series. The next league by V-TEC is the V-TEC Super Series, a WEC-based championship. Registration will start soon, we’ll see you there!


Dennis Andlauer, Nils Hundehege

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