Race Report

Race Report · March 16, 2018
Ludwig, Silvio and Marco participated in the 2018 iRacing 12h Of Sebring.
Race Report · February 26, 2018
On the 20th of February the Virtual Racing Porsche Cup (VRPC) visited the Netherlands on the Circuit Park Zandvoort (National Course) with its second round.
Race Report · February 24, 2018
RacingCommunity.de carried off the class victory in GTLM, in front of Cruise Control Motorsport, in the second season of the V-TEC 2.4h Series.
Race Report · February 13, 2018
On the 6th of February 2018 the 3rd Season of the Virtual Racing Porsche Cup (VRPC) had the opening round on the legendary Nürburgring (BES/WEC Layout).
Race Report · September 14, 2017
Unser Bericht über das erste Rennen der DGFX Saison 5.
Race Report · September 01, 2017
Am 2. September beginnt die neue DGFX Saison! Die beiden Teams von RacingCommunity.de sind bereit.