12h Sebring Race Report

Ludwig, Silvio and Marco participated in the 2018 iRacing 12h Of Sebring. We interviewed them after the race:

Hello Ludwig,


Q: Sebring is not an easy track. How long have you been preparing for the race?

A: My preparation time was pretty short. But since I'm very good at Sebring, I was able to prepare for it pretty quickly and in a short time. The pace was very good and we were able to keep up with the field pretty well.


Q: Your are the one who has driven the most stints. When was your bed calling for you?

A: For the last three stints I had to drive alone. So it took me three hours until the end of the race. But in the end I noticed the fatigue in my bones. I analyzed the race and at 4 clock or so I was finally in bed.


Q: Did you have fun in Sebring? The next event is the 24h of Nürburgring. Will you be there?

A: Sebring is one of the tracks I love to drive. Maybe it's because I feel comfortable with the cars pretty fast on the track and am quickly on pace.

No, I'm unfortunately not available. The Nordschleife is not one of the tracks that I like so much. I prefer to let others get behind the wheel.

Hello Silvio,


Q: Sebring was your first team event. How did your stints go?

A: Hello Ludwig, unfortunately I was very busy that day because of my work. That's why I only could make two stints.

But it was ok. I managed to stay out of trouble. Only one little contact with another car, without major damage.


Q: Were you satisfied with your performance?

A: I'm not really satisfied, I was about a second off the pace. I don't have much time for practice at the moment.


Q: Will you be seen in other endurance events?

A: Of course! I had much fun at this event. You will see me again, when iRacing fixed the big server issues.

Meanwhile, good luck and "happy racing"!

Hello Marco,


Q: You were the starting driver in Sebring. How was the start of the race from your point of view?

A: Hello Ludwig

I started the race somewhere in the middle of the GTE pack, on P14. The start is always a highlight in a race and I like to drive from the beginning. I focused as much as I could at the end of the formation lap to notice when to accelerate and especially what other drivers around and in front will do. Before turning into T1 I saw that somebody spun at the middle of T1 and an accident between multiple cars had happened. So I decided to go very wide on the right side to avoid any contact to anyone. Though it was very close with other cars. But they and I managed to get through without contacts. I think it was P10 after lap 1.


Q: You had a technical problem at the end of your stints. What happened?

A: After some hours of driving and two driver changes it should be my turn again to drive another stint but my wheel had another opinion on that. Between the stints I disconnected from the server and unplugged my wheel. It wasn't the best idea to connect and try to drive without checking everything twice after replugging. The wheel decalibrated in Windows and nothing fitted anymore. So I tried to recalibrate the wheel ingame and at this procedure the wheel decided to go offline. After rebooting and connecting a new power cable to the wheelbase and calibrating in Windows I was able to drive again. But it costed us 10 minutes and many laps. Ludwig jumped in after 10 minutes to prevent worse. Lessons are learned.


Q: In the end you finished on P15. Would more have been possible?

A: P15 in the end is okay for that circumstances but we are not happy with that position. A top 10 result would have been possible.

L. Gemmer

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